Surrendering vs. Giving Up

  • By Carmen
  • |
  • Wednesday, January 16, 2013
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Five years ago when I was completely blind, I would not accept that being a permanent situation. As I waited for surgeries and anticipated the results, I could only focus on ‘having to have’, some eyesight.

Later, after losing the best sight I had regained in my right eye, it was time to surrender.  I needed to accept my circumstances and find a way for it to be okay.  Surrendering, to me, is the ability to let go of some situation, even when you did not have what you wanted.  It is also looking for other ways to have what you are wanting. If you give up, you stop participating, therefore you do not get to a place of working around, or through something.

A lot of us do give up on important things like happiness, love and the process of change. But giving up in this way is not an option for me. I know I must learn how to surrender graciously .

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