Letting Go of Anger and Hate

  • By Carmen
  • |
  • Monday, June 17, 2013
  • |

One of the most devastating things to carry around is anger and hate. It is easy to notice those who are carrying that kind of pain. But it is a painful thing to see and watch, regardless of the reasons why. So many things happen that are just not fair, but what is even worse is that there are those who never break through to the other side of forgiveness.

One must realize the pain we cause ourselves by blaming and justifying our pain. Staying a victim of circumstance only holds you back from your own good fortune.

Do whatever is necessary for you to cope effectively with  the situation, so you can truly move forward. No one ever escapes  unfairness as it is a piece that is valuable to learning and experiencing life. But it does not need to hinder your happiness and growth.

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